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About DXM

SHENZHEN DXM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. / SHENZHEN CITY TAK SUN MING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is one of the foremost,largest and ISO9001:2008 certified modernization Electronics Manufacturer in China.Our company was established in 1996.We have more than 28 years of industry speciality experience in manufacturing Sensitive Electronic Components.Also we have powerful research and development capabilities.

We are specialized in supplying
PTC Thermistor,
NTC Thermistor,
Varistor,Metal oxide varistor,
Thermal resistor,
Capacitor,hvac capacitor,ceramic disc capacitor,
Temperature Sensor,PTC sensor,NTC sensor,
Ceramic heater,
PTC heater,

Our products have been selling very well both in domestic and overseas market.
Our main products can be widely used in dozens of major categories such as:
Automotive electronics,
Consumer electronics,
Home appliances,
Power Electronics,
Industrial electronics,
Products can also be custom made according to customers’ specific requirements.

DXM owns modernized standard factory workshop,most advanced equipment imported abroad, professional technical team and complete production technology.We also have powerful independent intellectual property rights both on formula and key manufacture technique,which ensure the most lowest price and convenient service for bulk orders.

DXM emphasize quality management, operate in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system and international AQL standard strictly.

Meeting customer’s satisfaction is our principle.Providing the first-class products and comprehensive services to clients is our responsibility.

Our goal: provide products to our customers with “good quality,high technology,competitive price,good sales and after sales service”!Which could increase your competitive advantage in marketing share and decrease your purchase cost!Look forward to steping ahead with you hand in hand to make mutual benefit and development!

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B2006, Building 40, Shui'an Xindu, Xinsheng Community, Longgang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen



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Copyright @ 2024 Thermistor,sensor,varistor leading manufacturer-DXM

Copyright @ 2024 Thermistor,sensor,varistor leading manufacturer-DXM

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