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Ptc Thermistor Target Customer

Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer

Ptc Thermistor Target Customer

Which industry manufacturers need to use the thermal resistor products?

They are dozens of major categories that be used in huge area including:

PTC Thermistor

1.Delay start thermistor for fluorescence lamp electronic ballasts, electronic power-saving lamps;

2.Intelligent preheat start PTC Thermistor used for electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps;

3.Degaussing PTC Thermistor for Colour TV,Colour monitor in CRTs degaussing loop of colour TV chromoscope;

4.Telecom circuit protection PTC Thermistor used for communication equipment of central offices,PBXs,remote XDSL exchanges,security unit and

outdorr telephone.;

5.Overcurrent and overload protection PTC Thermistor used for all kinds of small power-supply device,charger,trigger,computer peripherals,

automotive electronics and acoustics,transformers,digital multimeter and interface RS485 of digital watt-hour meter specially etc;

6.Motor activated PTC Thermistor for starting refrigerators,motor starters,frequency conversion air conditioning;

7.PTC Ceramic Powder

NTC Thermistor

1.NTC Thermistor for limiting inrush current;

2.NTC Thermistor for temperature measurement and control;

3.NTC Thermistor for temperature compensation;

Zinc Oxide Varistor,surge protector

Widely applied in surge protection of different Electronic Engineering areas:

1).Surge protection for Telecommunications,

2.Surge protection for Electricity,

3.Surge protection for Home appliances,

Example: telephones,converter,power meter, power distribution cabinets, socket box, distribution box, power switch, power lightning protection box,

voltage regulator, lightning arrester (SPD surge protection special).

Temperature sensor NTC thermistor:

Widly applied in temperature control and heat protection of:

1.  home air conditioner,automobile air conditioner,

2.  refrigerator,deep freezer,

3.  water heater,coffee maker,microwave oven,oven,induction cooker,soybean milk machine,

4.  barbecue fork, fryer,

5.  drinking machine,warm machine,dish washer,disinfection cabinet,

6.  washing machine,drying machine,

7.  Bathroom unit etc.


AC Ceramic disc capacitor,Safety standard recognized ceramic capacitor and High Voltage ceramic disc capacitor etc. are

widely used in radio communications and various electronic products and electronic equipment, such as

1.Across the line

2.Line bypass

3.Antenna coupling4

4.Interference suppression

5.High frequency ballast

PTC heater, PTC ceramic heater,Fan PTC Heater

Many of the heating components need to use such PTC Heaters. The common practical PTC ceramic heating components include:

electrothermal mosquito repellent, heater, dryer, electric plate, electric hot burner, electric iron, electrothermal adhesive,

Curly curling curlers, etc., are characterized by low power, but high thermal efficiency is very practical.

Automatic PTC Heaters mainly include: small crystal device thermostat, thermostat culture box,

electronic thermos, thermos box, thermos cup, thermos plate, thermos cabinet, thermos table and so on. It is characterized by

automatic insulation, simple structure,

Hot air PTC heating component products mainly include: small temperature air heater, hairdryer, heating machine, dryer, dry wardrobe,

industrial drying equipment. It is characterized by high output heat power, rapid heat, safety, can adjust wind

temperature and power consumption automatically.

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Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer Ptc Thermistor Target Customer

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